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Graduate Credit Administrator

London, United Kingdom, Permanent

Posted: 13 hours ago


Primary Duties and Responsibilities of Role:
• Collate, package, and dispatch information to approving authorities (Senior Management, Executive Credit Committee [ECC] Board Credit Committee [BCC] and Board) in a timely manner.
• Attend meetings, produce succinct and focused minutes of meetings (ensuring that they are free of grammatical or typographical errors).
• Follow up with the relevant Approvers/Committees on feedback for Credit Submissions and track to closure all actions arising from meetings and/or approval requests.
• Communicate Credit Decisions to relevant stakeholders including approvals/ratification lists to ECC and BCC.
• Responsible for the storage, maintenance and retrieval of all relevant documents relating to the Credit Analysis workstreams (including ECC &BCC [electronic and hard copy]).
• Collate and arrange the dispatch of information to internal and external auditors (including FBNL and Central Bank of Nigeria) as may be required.
• Establish and maintain a credit admin process manual, ensuring the manual and related systems and procedures remain relevant and fit for purpose to support the effective management and delivery of the admin function.
• Manage the requisition and timely delivery of stationery items to members of the Department and ensure that adequate supplies of replacement items are maintained (printer paper, notebooks, pens etc).
• Provide administrative support to the HOC and the Credit Analysis Team, including but not limited to:
Maintaining and managing the Credit Application Log.
Maintaining and managing the Forborne Accounts Log.
Maintaining and managing a log of delegated approvals for ECC notification/ ratification
Maintaining and managing the Credit Application Tracker (including following up status updates with CRMs).
Maintaining and managing the Operational Risk Monthly Returns [Risk Events & KRIs] (including following up status updates with CRMs).
Maintaining and managing Vendor subscription renewal schedule and user lists
Assisting with the strategic planning process to achieve Bank-wide goals.
Managing the holiday schedule for Credit Analysis Department.
Organizing departmental meetings and other periodic meetings, as required.

Job Details

London, United Kingdom